August 16-18, FOK "Lyuberetskiy", Lyubertsy, Russia


Several years ago a new style-slalom competition system appears – Battle system. And now it becomes one of the most interesting and fascinating events in a slalom world. Nowadays great and perfectly organized events replace first tries of a new system and a kind of proud for Russian skaters – very first official Battle was held during the 2007 ISPO Exhibition in Moscow. That February event started a long and “not over yet” story of World Slalom Series. This year later - 5 more Battle competitions were held in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, China and USA.  But Moscow Battle remains unreached by level of organisation, passion of skaters and just first-in-a-world in people’s memories.

During that 2007 event despite of huge number of Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian skaters victory goes to France. First winner was Igor Sheremetieff, well know skater from Paris, who started a long winning row from this Russian event. Dmitry Milokhin becomes second and Vladimir Tkachev – third. In a girls competition first place were divided between Polina Semenova and Nadejda Zelenova, Lika Babiy – were third.

Next year event – in 2008 - attracted more than 60 skaters from all around the world, including the World ranking leaders – Igor Sheremetieff from France and Kim Sung Jun from Korea. In men category Igor becomes first again, KSJ – second and third place goes to Ryazancev Kirill from Russia. In women category Nadejda Zelenova becomes first, Polina Semenova – second and Cloe Seyres from France - took third place.

In 2009 Russia was honoured to hold European Championship. Young skater from Germany – Martin Sloboda get his golden medal and started glorious champion career. Polina Semenove proofs her level with first place in women category.

Battle Moscow 2010 was traditionally held in Skate-park Adrenalin and first place among best World raiders goes to Korea to Kim Sung Kin, second place were taken by Dmitry Shevarutin, who overpowered top skater of 2010 World ranking – Martin Sloboda, who get third place in Moscow this year. Polina Semenove – still strongest in women category, gets her golden medal once more, second place ware taken by Marina Boiko a new star from Ukraine and third place for Lika Babiy. In speed slalom competition Russia takes both top positions by Andrei Shitow (men) and Kristina Lisenko (women). Both second places are for French raiders Igor Sheremetieff and Chloe Seyres.

In 2011 our competition was extended, now it’s not just an event, but a huge Skate festival with a new name – RollerClub Cup.

6th Mosow battle and second Rollerclub cup 2012 was held in Adrenalin skate park and remains in memory like big, perfectly organised event with highest level of participants.

In 2013 Rollerclub Cup was moved out of Moscow to the Holiday Hotel “Pokrovskoe”.  Junior categories were added to freestyle classic and speed slalom. Many young skaters joined to our contest. 

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Video about Rollerclub Cup 2012 by DoctorFilm .